GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — You may see some familiar faces when you watch this week’s episode of “Family Feud.”

The Kaczanowski family who live in the Grand Rapids and Lowell area will be one of the contestants on the popular game show hosted by Steve Harvey.

“We love to play the game as a family. We love all of the DVD games. We have the board games so we really got into it as a family,” Beth Kaczanowski said.

Beth, her older sister and younger brother, Kate and David, and their parents Dan and Chris were selected to play the game which took nearly two years.

The family submitted an application in September 2021 after Kate saw a Facebook post about the show’s interest in seeking out families from the Grand Rapids area. They were called for an interview the following month and in January 2022 were told they were on the “active file.”

“We made the cut which was the big cut. Then they tell you you’re in the active file but that’s for three years and you could be contacted at any point. We were luckily contacted in May about filming in July,” Kate said. “It was a lot of waiting.”

The family was flown out to Atlanta for filming during the second week of July.

“They pick you up in a Family Feud van and take you to Trilith studios which is where it’s filmed which was really cool,” Kate said. “At the beginning of the day, we did an audition because you’re not really guaranteed to play even if you get flown out there and they are very clear on that. We were the first family to audition against another family.”

The Kaczanowski sisters talked to News 8’s Gabrielle Phifer over the weekend. She asked them what can viewers expect when they watch the episode.

“Well, probably a pretty nervous, dorky family having a really great time. We had the time of our lives,” Beth said.

Her older sister Kate added, “It was amazing. It was so fun. Such a great experience to have as a family. It’ll be hilarious to see what they put on there and how Steve Harvey says Kaczanowski.”

The show will air on Tuesday at 7 p.m. on WOTV.