GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Telsaint and Amanda Morisset are spending time in West Michigan, getting ready for a fundraising event to help the people of Haiti.

Telsaint Morisset was born in Haiti and came to the U.S. to find more opportunities. The violence and corruption in Haiti have left the people who still live there feeling forgotten.

“The biggest difference we have seen is in the spirits of our community, people that we are there to provide hope for. One (man) told Telsaint that he feels like God created the world, and on the seventh day, he took a nap and on that seventh day the devil created Haiti. That is how they are feeling right now, forgotten about,” Amanda Morisset said.

Events like the Tommy Hamlin Memorial Disc Golf Tournament make a difference. The Morissets are in West Michigan helping to organize it, along with Tommy Hamlin’s parents, Meredith and Ben.

“It will make a big difference because even though many people cannot go to Haiti, they are a champion for us in Haiti, to be able to do the work we’re doing,” said Telsaint Morisset.

Tommy Hamlin was 2 years old when he died suddenly. His family started to raise money through tulips, something he loved and chose the Figi Jezi mission to support.

An undated courtesy photo of Tommy Hamlin.

Those efforts have led to the Thomas Hamlin Medical Center, a shipping container they converted into a working clinic and sent to Haiti. It will officially open in October as part of a larger community complex in Haiti, referred to as the Community Transformation Center. Unofficially, people are already finding hope in it.

“We have kind of been thrown into treating people just off the grid. One gentleman had gotten burned over 90% of his body over a year ago and he has been getting delayed burn blisters, which had turned into big sores and wounds. There are hospitals, but they don’t have the money to go. He told us that up until that point where we were able to start treating him, he thought he was going to die,” said Amanda Morisset.

Anyone can register for the disc golf tournament and the proceeds will go to the Figi Jezi Mission in Haiti.