GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Aiming to help educators who have been challenged like never before because of the pandemic, the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids is working to help administrators share best practices and learn from each other.

The Van Andel Institute believes educators are “Better Together” and that’s the name of a virtual event they’re hosting in February.

VAI is hoping superintendents, principals, assistant principals and coaches from around West Michigan will take part in this online discussion.

As we begin a new year, educators are starting to look ahead to the next school year.

VAI polled administrators and learned what topics are important to them.  

Funding considerations, goal setting and prioritization, resource identification and allocation, and communications plans will all be discussed at the Feb. 2 virtual meeting.

“We will let them talk to each other, but we also do our own research and see what are some of those skills? Could we provide a goal template that they can use to really make sure you have a clear action plan for it? So some simple tools that we’ll share with the administrators as well. And then we also take the ideas that they share, pull that into a white paper afterwards so we can share out with the larger community,” said Terra Tarango, the chief education officer with the Van Andel Institute.

Registration for the “Better Together” virtual event is open online to administrators and other educators.