GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Researchers at Van Andel Institute said they are one step closer to finding another way to detect pancreatic cancer.

The method they have found is actually in your blood. Researchers said they have found that certain cancers, like pancreatic, have some concentrations in blood called biomarkers. 

Once detected, those biomarkers can help doctors and patients decide the best treatment moving forward. 

“The two types of biomarkers that we’re really working on. One is just cancer, no cancer. The other is, if cancer,  what type, subtype within pancreatic cancer,” Brian Haab, a professor of the department of cell biology at Van Andel Insititute, said.

This research is not being used in the public sector yet because one of the biomarkers is in the trial phase. Scientists are working on getting it tested multiple times before the research can be used on patients.