GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, and with the holidays fast approaching, there are some tips that you may want to consider for those dealing with dementia.

Claire Fisher from the Michigan Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association suggests healthy eating, exercise and social connection.  

“I think one of the really great ways that can be very helpful is, we know that people who are living with dementia, (about) 70% end up wandering in their journey. We have a statewide, free program that is our medic alert bracelet. It’s both for the caregiver and for the person living with dementia, and it has all the information on that free of charge,” she said.

Fisher added that it’s a good idea to keep the house well-lit, keep hazardous materials locked away and also keep an up-to-date list of medications and emergency contacts.

Right now, she said, there is a huge research effort underway for the second Alzheimer’s drug, which is going up for FDA approval.

“One thing we always tell folks is that one of the great resources we have is our Science Hub app, so if you go onto your phone and click on the Alzheimer’s Association Science app, it gives you up-to-date research on all the clinical trials,” Fisher said.

She also says don’t forget to care for the caregiver and recommends support groups.

“Meeting other folks who are going through that experience, I think is so key and to really be able to share together and to find that community, I think is so helpful for caring for the caregiver,” Fisher said.

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