GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Art installations have added some color and pride to three crosswalks in Eastown Grand Rapids.

Eastown has had temporary LGBTQ pride art installations in years past, but because the new paintings are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act they can be kept permanently.

Volunteers with the Eastown Community Associated installed the artwork along Lake Drive.

Dakota Riehl-Davis, the board president of Eastown Community Association, said the group wanted the artwork to be accessible and visible.

“The beauty of art makes neighbors feel more engaged, makes our space feel more inviting,” Riehl-Davis said. “Using beautiful colors and art and symbolism to really celebrate both the location of the Pride Center here in our neighborhood but also our neighbors just in general is a very bright and exciting way for us to make a mark.”

The paintings are near the Grand Rapids Pride Center, located in Eastown on Atlas Avenue off of Lake Drive.

“With the Pride Center here — and actually a lot of queer-owned business right in Eastown too — it’s really cool to have a permanent signifier that Eastown is accepting and inclusive and very queer,” Steven Martinez, the board secretary for Eastown Community Association, said.

Jazz McKinney, the executive director of the Grand Rapids Pride Center, said they are excited for the installations.

“We’re always super excited to see when Eastown supports us,” McKinney said. “Painting the rainbow and the trans flag and the inclusive flag is just another way that they support us. And I’m super happy to know that it’s going to be permanent this time as opposed to just washing away.”