GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Thousands of people bravely faced countless obstacles where they had to dive into mud, climb up ropes and jump over fire on Saturday and Sunday. 

The first-ever Spartan Race in Grand Rapids was held at Millennium Park. Organizers said they had around 4,000 participants. The races included a 10K, sprint 5K and kids races. 

Racers took off in 30-minute intervals and once they crossed the finish line, they were given their medal. 

Thomas Brown, the race director for Spartan Race, said he was happy to see so many people braving the elements and pushing themselves to complete the course.

“Most people that come out to a Spartan Race, they approach it not really expecting themselves to finish it, and when they do, one of our slogans is you’ll know at the finish line, so when they do finish it, it’s a huge accomplish, it’s a huge confidence boost, they go into the real world then and realize they can do a lot more than what they probably thought they could,” Brown said.

He added that he hopes to have more Spartan Races in West Michigan in the future.