GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Thousands headed to DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids this weekend to try out a huge collection of board games. 

The GrandCon Gaming Convention had 3,000 board and card games that attendees could grab off the shelf and try.

“It’s a great place to make new friends,” Brian Lenz, the convention showrunner, said. “(It’s) a great place to introduce the hobby of gaming into your life.”

Lenz started the convention 11 years ago. Along with the card and board games, the convention also has vendor tables and exhibits. Vendors also get to show off their new games, like Matthew Mundy, who traveled from Georgia to promote his game.

“This is Flock Together, a cooperative game for one to five players,” Mundy, game designer for Sea Cow Games, said.

He said he made the game where you play as a chicken to give his kids and other players a fun, interactive game experience. The game is not for sale yet, but instead, it will be heading to Kickstarter on Sept. 12.

Mundy said conventions like the GrandCon Gaming Convention help bring many people together over a shared interest.

“It helps people connect. (It) helps you have a good time. Helps you connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with,” Mundy said. 

Lenz added that in the future, he wants the convention to grow. 

“I’d love to see the show just skyrocket to where it’s bringing a lot of fun and excitement for downtown Grand Rapids,” Lenz said. 

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday night.