GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Saturday, The Rapid’s bus service will start several changes involving fare payment.

Free transfers for riders paying in cash and change cards for passengers paying with cash without exact change are being eliminated.

Officials say these changes mean customers who pay in cash will not receive a change card if they board without exact change and can no longer get a free transfer.

The free service on the Silver Line in downtown Grand Rapids and the fare-free zone on Route 19 (Michigan Crosstown), though this route is currently not in service, is also being axed. That means customers will have to pay to ride these routes.

The Rapid says the cost to ride is not changing and cash is still being accepted.

Officials note people with Wave cards, the transportation system’s e-fare payment system, can have unlimited transfers for one hour and 45 minutes after boarding.

The Rapid says it provided notice of the changes and began collecting public comments in mid-June.