GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The B.O.B. is back open in downtown Grand Rapids after being closed since the end of last year.

The restaurant, bar and entertainment venue welcomed customers back to a refreshed look with a familiar feel.

Matt Dowdy, the director of marketing and creative director for the Gilmore Collection, says the changes will provide smooth service for guests.

“We’re just really super excited to be back open in downtown Grand Rapids,” Dowdy said. “Its been one of our brands since 1997 and we decided to make a bit of a cosmetic change so, sometimes it requires a little bit of extra work. You’ll see that we had to knock out a few walls here to create some extra flow through the entertainment venue and the lobby.”

The B.O.B. closed in December of 2021 because of economic challenges from the pandemic and difficulty finding employees. It was listed for sale but the Gilmore Collection announced in June it would be pulled off the market and reopened after a perspective buyer could not secure financing.

The expansion of the brewery is one of the biggest changes along with a first floor space with a more open feel.

“We’ve been talking about it for awhile to take the plunge and bring our brewery up into the first floor and create a stand-alone tap room and dining room for B.O.B.’s Brewery,” Dowdy said.

A self-serve beer wall is providing a new option for customers. They can purchase a card from the counter and are debited for the exact amount poured, according to manager Juel Hudson.

“It will give you different ounces to try. We have a bunch of beer, we have mocktails and we also have some wine,” Hudson said.

Eve Nightclub will not return and the 4th floor will become a private event space. DJ’s will still be booked on the weekends on the first and second floors.

Dr. Grins Comedy Club is back this weekend with Pete Lee returning to be the opening act.

Director of Entertainment Brian Palm said the comedy club was greatly missed and will now provide a more comfortable environment for guests.

“We’ve invested more in the experience. A big complaint we used to have was sound bleed from the rest of the building with so much going on. We’ve invested in a good amount of sound proofing to kind of make when you’re in the room a better experience, and an upgrade on chairs,” Palm said.

Many fans of the comedy club have reached out to show their excitement about the venue returning.

“Just really giving people that outlet to either see or do comedy is, I think, critical for a lot of people in the city,” Palm said.