GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Big Old Building, better known as the B.O.B., will reopen in downtown Grand Rapids this week after being listed for sale and closed nine months.

The Gilmore Collection announced in June that the company was no longer trying to sell the building and would reopen the space.

Matt Dowdy, the marketing and creative director, said the restaurant and entertainment industry has seen a significant recovery since the original decision was made to close.

“It made sense to us to bring the B.O.B. back,” Dowdy said. “We’re not having any discussions about selling the B.O.B. currently.”

The company originally also cited a shortage of workers but now says the job market has improved.

“I think that our HR team has been doing a really great job of bringing in new talent and bringing in some folks that used to work for us before we closed the B.O.B. down at the end of last year,” Dowdy said.

The B.O.B. does have additional openings but said it will have the staff in place for the reopening on Thursday.

The venue and restaurant spaces will have a familiar feel with a refreshed look and some new additions.  

“One of the cosmetic changes that we did make on the first floor in the main lobby is that we took out a couple of walls that were sitting in between the lobby and our entertainment venue Home,” Dowdy said. “The beer wall situated in the main lobby is gonna be a new addition.”

B.O.B.’s Brewery is also being expanded and will now include the space once occupied by Gilly’s Smoke House.

One name that will not be around is the Eve Nightclub and work will continue to update the fourth floor.

“That will now be dedicated fulltime to special events, so we are working on some changes in that space,” Dowdy said.

A similar experience to the nightclub will be offered but in different locations.

“Moving the nightclub operations out of the 4th floor and just having the D.J.’s on the weekends in the first floor entertainment venue and the second floor entertainment venue and outside on Saturday nights,” Dowdy said.

Dr. Grins Comedy Club will reopen this weekend with comedian Pete Lee.

The B.O.B. will also go cashless when it reopens.

A grand opening celebration is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. on Thursday.