GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — For the last few decades, it’s told the story of countless games by the numbers.

But the elements and changes in technology took their toll on the 90’s era scoreboard at Sullivan Field, known to most locals as Valley Field before it was renamed for local baseball icon Bob Sullivan about the same time the sign was installed.

“The city put some new bulbs in it last year. But they’re all incandescent bulbs and the radio controller didn’t work any longer,” Paul Soltysiak, Fans of Valley Field, said.

The ballpark, which opened in 1937, is going through a renaissance of sorts.

Owned by the city of Grand Rapids, Fans of Valley Field have taken on the task of raising money to preserve the park. Upgrades are in the works to make the field a part of future generations, not only for baseball but for other community events. That included a new scoreboard, which was a gift from Meijer.

Enter Mitten Brewery co-owner, Chris Andrus.

“This was probably bound for the scrap heap if not for this sort of happenstance,” Andrus said of the scoreboard, now city behind his Leonard Street Brewery.

Mitten’s charity arm, the Mitten Foundation was holding a Wiffle Ball Tournament at Valley a while back and there sat the old sign, it’s future uncertain.

“We saw the scoreboard laying there on the side of the field and we said what’s the story with that?” Andrus said. “Paul said, ‘you guys want that?’ I said, ‘we can have that?’”

The rest is history, preserved.

Mitten’s baseball theme carries from inside to outside of the brewery, located in a one-time city firehouse built in 1899. Andrus plans on mounting the sign on a large frame on the wall at the back of the brewery, facing the baseball-themed outdoor serving area.

“There are very few baseball landmarks on the west side. We figure if someone’s going to end up somewhere, it should be here,” Andrus said.

Now, a piece of the field where Satchel Paige once took to the mound and dozens of players passed through on their way to the big leagues has a new home on the west side.

“A lot of people come through here for a beer who used to play at Sullivan Field and recognize it,” Andrus said. “It’s a west side tradition.”

Andrus is currently working with the city’s Historic Commission and Metro Signs and Lighting to clear the way for the installation, which he hopes will happen in the next few weeks.