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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As 2020 comes to a close, many people are making New Year’s resolutions. Often those resolutions are centered on getting healthy.  

“Lifestyle medicine is healthcare focused on just that your health, how individuals can achieve or optimal health by making changes,” said Leanne Mauriello the director of Lifestyle Medicine at Spectrum Health.  

Coming in 2021, Spectrum Health is launching a number of programs that may help people stick to their goals.   

“Things like eating better, moving more, managing stress in healthy ways, prioritizing good sleep. All those things have really strong evidence behind them that they are the most powerful influence we can have on improving our health,” Mauriello said.  

Some of the new programs starting in 2021 are behavior assessment, biometrics, goal setting and personalized lifestyle plans. Other offerings are intensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs, cooking classes, meal planning and culinary skill building.  

“Starting in January, we’re launching groups around fasting and cooking for health. Where you would virtually join a group that would be facilitated by a physician and a health coach that would last for a couple weeks that would help you make long-term change,” said Mauriello. 

Most of these programs can be done on an individual level or in group appointments.  

“There is a whole evidence based on change is difficult but there is strategy we can employ to really have there be successful and lasting change,” Mauriello said.  

Lifestyle medicine is a rather new certification in the medical industry. It has only been around for the past three to four years. In Michigan, Spectrum had the first two physicians in the state to be certified.   

“Teach folks around food is medicine and really small steps and ways they can incorporate more health into their diet,” said Mauiello.  

Mauiello offered some tips to help people setting 2021 goals to keep them.  

  1. Start slow, steady and small don’t try to take on too much at once.  
  2. Have quick wins, those small steps you can accomplish quickly to build your confidence.  
  3. Don’t go it alone, support is critical.  
  4. Focus on the benefits and the “why” you are striving for this goal.  
  5. Don’t expect perfection, give yourself some grace.  

“Know that you don’t have to give up everything all at once. I like to think about it differently versus what you are going to give up what are you going to add to your die,” Mauiello said.  

Most programs are free or low cost, some will be covered in part by insurance. You do not have to be a spectrum patient to participate.



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