GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The family that owns the Siciliano’s Market specialty store is selling their business after almost three decades on Grand Rapids’ West Side.

Owners Steve and Barb Siciliano signed a sales agreement on Dec. 31 with Jeff Boorsma, MiBiz reports. Boorsma, who used to own several Adobé In & Out restaurants, will turn operations over to his daughter and son-in-law, Tiffany and Dan Sipka.

Steve Siciliano said they “couldn’t have found better owners” than their friend Boorsma and his family.

“They’re local residents who have owned their own business for a number of years and they are going to run (Siciliano’s Market) and it will still be a mom-and-pop shop. You don’t see a lot of those anymore,” he told MiBiz.

The Sipkas say they will keep the Siciliano’s Market name even after purchasing the business outright in the coming years.

“Steve gave us the blessing to change (the name), but there’s no reason to. It’s a West Side staple,” he told MiBiz.

The sale is expected to close June 1.