GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Several businesses in downtown Grand Rapids continue to work to clean up after a riot and looting Saturday night left the area damaged.

In order to rebuild, many are working to file insurance claims. Some business owners say before they do so, they have to secure a police report for the damage — but that has proven more difficult than normal. 

“(Police) were so busy because there is such a high demand on the police reports. So they just told me to wait or go online to make a report,” Alberto Torres with Cinco De Mayo restaurant downtown said.

The damage to downtown Grand Rapids included graffiti, damaged property and hundreds of broken windows. Several businesses were also looted.

Local insurer Brower’s Agency say owners must look at their insurance policy to determine exactly how rioting and looting are covered. Some insurance policies will only cover what’s inside of the building.

The agents at Brower’s say a lease agreement will also play a large role in what the owner has to pay for out of pocket. They say when it comes to fixing things like windows, some lease agreements will put responsibility on tenants while others would require owners replace them.

Brower’s says repairing or fixing vandalism would also depend on the policy.