GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Congresswoman Hillary Scholten was sworn in to her freshman year in congress in a Wednesday ceremony. Beforehand, she joined News 8’s Political Reporter Rick Albin.

Scholten talked about a number of issues that have already come up during her short tenure in the U.S. House, from a historic and prolonged vote for the Speaker to what she says is Republican disorganization.

When asked about recent revelations of classified documents found in President Biden’s office, Scholten said she believes it is something that has to be looked in to.

“It is concerning, I would say, we have to be consistent across the board. There was deep concern, right, when Trump had classified documents, those were investigated. I think there are significant differences between the level, existence and type of classified documents that Trump had and what we know so far about what has been discovered that were in Biden’s possession. Either way, it needs to be investigated.”

She also talked about voting against the idea of cutting funding for the IRS and what she wants to see done in the way of priorities in her first term.

You can hear all of that and more on this week’s “To The Point.”