GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — While West Michigan has seen a decrease in children being hospitalized with RSV, hospitalizations are still up.

The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has seen a recent decrease in the number of patients suffering from RSV, a good sign considering last month those suffering from the respiratory illness made up about one-third of the total patients at Helen DeVos.

But where there used to be RSV patients, there are now children suffering from the flu.

On Wednesday, Dr. Hossain Marandi, the president of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, talked about the impact the recent surge in flu cases has had on his staff who have already been dealing with RSV and COVID-19.

“We’re starting to see an equalization of those numbers, just in the type of infection is different,” Marandi said.

In just the last week, Marandi said the hospital has seen 160 patients test positive for the flu, which is higher than the average number. In that same timeframe, Marandi said the hospital saw its largest number of in-house patients for the three viruses.

“We saw that across the board in both our ICUs as well as our floors,” Marandi said.

Despite the influx, however, Marandi said the hospital will be able to accommodate any patients in need of treatment.

“If there’s a need to come to our emergency room or to be admitted to the floor, again, the message that I want to make sure everybody hears is that we’re well prepared, well staffed, well-equipped and ready to take care of any patient that comes through our doors,” he said.

His tip for parents is to stay vigilant about changes to their children’s breathing and eating habits. If they begin to struggle to breathe or keep food down or become dehydrated, it may be time to go to your primary care provider.