GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Rockstar Woman Movement is all about support, healing, and growth. It’s expanding into a year-round experience.

Shannon Cohen, founder and chief executive officer of the Rockstar Woman Brunch Experience, made the announcement at her annual event on Sunday afternoon.

“Last year, we gathered for the Rockstar Woman Brunch, I stood on that stage I looked out at that audience of difference makers. In my heart, I knew that we had outgrown this. We had outgrown this one day-experience and it was time for us to evolve,” Cohen said.

She then began having conversations with her team about what’s missing in professional networking and how they could offer opportunities to inspire women to meet their own personal and career aspirations and do that within a community of other women leaders.

Cohen understood how discouraging it is to attend events, be the only woman and person of color in the room and leave unfulfilled.

That’s how the Rockstar Woman Movement began. To manifest that dream of hers, she wrote it down on a napkin while attending a conference.

“I wanted to create a space that looked like the community that I lived in and the office I worked in. I wanted to create a space that had mirrors and windows and authentic belonging where we could talk about the work of our hands and elevate professionally and we can also talk about the state of our souls and elevate in our wellness,” she said.

The Rockstar Woman Brunch, now in its 5th year, drew in nearly 1,000 women both in-person and virtually from at least 20 states and five countries on Sunday.

“To see this movement now even just as our event in person reaches a thousand and we’re outgrowing things and stretching at the seam, it’s exciting. It tells me there is a demand that we are filling and there’s a gap that exists and we are the solution,” she said.

She will now offer a membership-based community to women. Members will have exclusive access to connect with other female leaders, receive inspirational gifts monthly, go on vision trips and hear from world-renowned speakers.

On the list for next year are author Kim Dabbs, Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix and CEO Erayna Sargent.

“Think of these as the best of a meetup, a mind share, a conference but innovation because we don’t do what’s traditional we are building what we’ve dreamed and not what we’ve seen,” Shannon Cohen said. “It will be the best of those experiences that people love from what we’ve done once a year and we’ll transition that into a bi-monthly gathering.”

Sargent will speak to women in-person and virtually in January, Felix is next up in March and Dabbs will be the guest speaker in May.

You can explore this membership opportunity by visiting the Rockstar Woman Movement website.