GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The World of Winter festival has officially wrapped its first weekend. There is still more art to see if you haven’t had a chance to view them all just yet.

Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. purchased six international art installations, but there are many works from local artists, including Infinity Mountains, located at Calder Plaza near House of Cards.

“Infinity Mountains is a set of four geometric that is covered with an acrylic mirror. It’s designed to reflect the environment and world around it,” Two Eagles Marcus, the artist, said.

Marcus lives in Rockford and has created interactive photo and video experiences since 2003. The idea for Infinity Mountains took just a few days to ideate though it took longer to get some of the material from China.

“The concept of this is to have the whole infinity room effect, which is what happens when you go inside,” he said.

People can take photos on their cameras or use the virtual photo booth by using the QR code found on one of the signs near Two Mountains.

“Try a bunch of different angles to see what kind of reflections you can get, and also, depending on the time of the day, you’ll get a different experience if it’s cloudy or sunny or the sunset,” Marcus said. “If you’re on the outside, it’s cool to reflect Calder into the photo and you can shoot right into it.”

If you post to social media, Marcus asks you to use the #InfinityMountains hashtag in your social media posts.