GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids’ professional indoor soccer team battled it out on the turf Saturday ahead of its first game of the season next weekend.

The Rapid City Football Club held an inaugural invitational this week where local teams in the area played in the tournament including Muskegon FC, La Raza and BiH Grand Rapids, who were named the champions.

BiH Grand Rapids who won the trophy today at the Rapid City Invitational.

“The mindset behind that was getting those guys who were going to be traveling to come out and put forth a good effort, work on rotations and work on assignments for the upcoming game,” Club President Louis Stephens said.

The season will begin next Saturday. Rapid City FC will compete under the Major Indoor Soccer League. Club president Louis Stephens says he hopes the city can rally around this new experience and endeavor.

“We want to fill that void here in the dormant months of winter, so being able to have a team that people can get behind I think that builds that sense of community and I think that’s where this team is going to be an impact for our community,” Stephens said.

Rapid City FC’s first home game is Dec. 17. They will play at MSA Sports Spot in Kentwood.