GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As West Michigan awaits another round of snow, a Grand Rapids-based plow company is getting ready for an influx of calls.

The company is called QuikPlow. It’s an app that connects people to snow removal services. Co-founder Ryan Crawley says it functions like ride-hailing apps.

“The idea came about on an extremely snowy night about five years ago. We took to Facebook like, we need to find somebody (for snow removal), what do we do? We called a couple companies, and we didn’t get an answer or they’d say they just didn’t have time to squeeze us in,” said Crawley. “DoorDash was really just starting to become relevant to the world after Uber had made a name for itself and we were like, why don’t we create an Uber for snowplow and snow removal?”

Crawley says once the app is downloaded, customers sign up with their name, email and location. Then they put in the specifics of the job they need done. The information is then added to a list and customers will be connected to a driver in their area to come remove the snow. Crawley says people can order a QuikPlow ahead of time or even for someone else.

“We knew that there’s a lot of people, a lot of owner-operators, that they have the equipment, they have the insurance, they have the ability. They just don’t necessarily know how to find the work,” said Crawley.

QuikPlow services are available in Grand Rapids and several surrounding areas. Availability is dependent on where drivers are located and willing to travel. Right now, the company says it has hundreds of drivers throughout the state. Drivers must go through a vetting process before they begin working.

“This is just a solution to those people who maybe typically do it themselves or maybe have multiple homes and they do it themselves and it’s a lot of work for them,” said Crawley.

Crawley says the drivers have already started preparing for an increased number of calls over the next few days. More information can be found on the company website.