GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Hundreds of people are expected to take part in a peaceful protest on Friday in downtown Grand Rapids.

It will be in memory of Grand Rapids native Breonna Taylor. She was shot and killed by police in Louisville.

The organizers of the protest say they don’t believe Taylor has gotten the same amount of attention as George Floyd, another black person who was killed by police this year. 

Organizers say black women deserve justice in police brutality cases just as much as black men.

Taylor was killed in March after plain-clothed police officers entered her home shortly after midnight and executed a no-knock search warrant for an attempted drug bust.

Following a short confrontation between the Louisville officers, Taylor and her boyfriend, police began shooting and struck Taylor at least 8 times.

Since then, communities across the country have been rallying behind her and now that same energy will be in West Michigan.

The protest is set to begin at 4 p.m. at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids.

Right now, on the event’s Facebook page, nearly 400 people have said they’ll be going. Another 2,300 say they’re interested.

Masks are required and organizers say this protest must remain peaceful.

On Thursday, Louisville’s Metro Council unanimously passed “Breonna’s Law,” which bans officers from seeking or executing a no-knock warrant anywhere in Jefferson County.