GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There was a protest at a Grand Rapids gas station Tuesday after bags of candy were found with prescription medication inside.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said a clerk at the station on Martin Luther King Junior Street and Eastern Avenue SE knocked over his prescription medication as he was bagging up candy to sell. Some of the pills ended up with the candy.

“He thought that he had recovered all of the meds but missed a couple of them. These meds ended up in candy bags and were inadvertently sold with the candy,” GRPD said in a release.

GRPD says on Monday a mother found the pills in a bag of candy and police were called. Officers spoke with everyone involved.

Police say the pills appear to be diabetic medication and the incident was not intentional. They say the bottle of medication had the clerk’s name on it and the pills matched the prescription.

“We are thankful this mother was able to locate the misplaced medication before it was consumed by her children,” Deputy Chief Scott Rifenberg said in the release. “This was an unfortunate incident but is believed to be accidental. There are no criminal charges being pursued at this time by GRPD; however, we are meeting with the Michigan Department of Agriculture which is also now looking into this situation.”

Protesters at the gas station said they want the location shut down.

“If this gas station was shut down, this wouldn’t be happening right now, because … people come to this gas station just to hangout,” Alexis Lacey told News 8. “It’s not a club.”