WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — The plant manager of General Motors Wyoming facility says GM’s most recent offer to the UAW is historic.

While the Grand Rapids Operations site is not currently on strike, the union expanded the strike Friday to include the Lansing Delta Township assembly plant.

Troy Comiskey, the director of the plant, said the offer provides wage increases and will position the company in a place that allows for greater investment in existing plants like the one in Wyoming.   

“It gives them a 20% wage increase and it sets us up for long-term success for the employees and our stakeholders,” Comiskey said. “We’ve had what we’ve said is a record offer on the table now since July 18th we’ve been negotiating in good faith. We’ve put five offers on the table.”

Comiskey said the strike could eventually have an impact on the Wyoming plant, which supplies crucial engine parts and components like axels.

Inside the General Motors plant in Wyoming, Michigan. (Oct. 2, 2023)
Inside the General Motors plant in Wyoming, Michigan. (Oct. 2, 2023)

“Certainly we would be concerned if this continues to expand to other GM facilities and if it hit this facility,” Comiskey said.

Willie Holmes, the president of UAW 167, said the chapter is prepared and even has the signs ready if the union decides to expand the strike.

“All the GM facilities, we’re on notice. At any given time we get the phone call that says, ‘Walk your people out and you’re on strike,’” Holmes said. “Every Friday, we wait to see who it’s gonna be next. If it comes to that.”

The union said the company is experiencing record-level profits and that workers need to be made whole with cost-of-living increases and for their contributions to that success.

“In 2015 when General Motors was in trouble and they wanted the UAW employees to take concessions and whatnot, everyone did and there was a long long time before anything happened with that. 2019 same thing, General Motors came back with these demands and whatnot of the UAW and we’re like, ‘No, enough is enough,’” Holmes said.

The union has been providing updates on the strike on Friday mornings and has added additional sites every week for General Motors.

Automotive News reports the UAW made a counter offer Monday but GM said the two sides are not close to making an agreement.