GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (WOOD) — Grand Rapids police are investigating after more than two dozen people reported their phones stolen at a weekend music festival.

The event is called the Breakaway Music Festival. The tour stopped Friday and Saturday at Belknap Park on the Grand Rapids’ northeast side. Police say they are looking into 30 reports of missing phones.

“It is an expensive phone but it’s more than that to me,” Cindy Lykins, who is among those whose phone is gone, told News 8. “It’s just so infuriating.”

Lykins said she was up on someone’s shoulders and had her phone in her back pocket when it was taken. She noticed it was gone moments later.

“I kind of felt someone pulling at my pocket,” she said. “Thought it was one of my friends trying to get a picture. As soon as I got down, I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Lykins said she immediately tried to find her phone with an app on her watch but the phone had been turned off. She said the situation is affecting her job. 

“I’m a real estate photographer and I need that phone to do my job and I have pictures on there,” Lykins added.

Police say the suspects could have been targeting specific people.

“All of these cases were people who were out on the dance floor and all of sudden they realized their phone is missing from their pocket,” Grand Rapids Police Department Sgt. Cathy Williams said.

GRPD says it found a handful of phones but is still investigating the alleged thefts.

Lykins said she hopes whoever is responsible is held accountable.

“I hope enough people find out about this for the next festival,” she said.