GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Outdoor gear and clothing company, Patagonia, premiered a documentary last Friday created by West Michigan camping enthusiasts.

“Honestly, I was in pure shock,” said Duane Lewis, founder of Wild Big Camp.

Lewis and his fellow hikers created the documentary, “Disconnect to Reconnect: A Great Outdoors Great for Everyone.”

It premiered at Patagonia’s largest location in New York City and highlights the group’s journey out west. News 8 spotlighted their trip last year.

“It’s inviting, it’s safe, it’s fun and we just show that off in the film,” said Lewis.

The campers hiked with Lewis’ Grand Rapids-based organization, Wild Big Camp. Its main goal is to promote diversity in outdoor spaces.

“I just want to change minds, break down stereotypes of what the average camper and camper family looks like,” said Lewis.

Patagonia hosted a panel discussion after the premiere. Lewis and fellow camper, Atlanta Grubbs, were a part of it.

“I really enjoyed hearing the audience’s reaction to some of the statements that were made,” said Atlanta Grubbs, logistical manager for Wild Big Camp. 

The hikers said they’re grateful Patagonia helped them spread their message beyond West Michigan.

“It’s just evolved into this thing that I couldn’t imagine,” said Lewis.

They’re also grateful Lewis is encouraging more people of color to explore their wild side.

“As long as I’m able to captivate the audience and fulfill the mission that ‘big camp’ has — which is to bring inclusivity the outdoors — as long as that’s happening, I’m good,” said Lewis.

Members of Wild Big Camp will host their second premiere at Carbon Stories, at 1202 Bridge St. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504, on Friday night from 7 to 8.