GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A new business is coming to downtown Grand Rapids, and it’s all about wine and jazz.

GRNoir will be located on Division Avenue and Weston Street. The sign is up, but construction crews are still working on the inside. The owners say it’s been tough to get up and running during the pandemic, but they’re excited to bring something new to West Michigan.

“We wanted to offer something different,” said Shatawn Brigham.

Shatawn and Nadia Brigham co-founded GRNoir Wine & Jazz, a new music and drinking spot coming to the city.

“What we’re trying to do is lower the bar for accessibility around both wine and jazz while not lowering the standard of quality and the experience that people have of both of them,” said Nadia Brigham.

They plan to host two to three nights of live jazz a week, which is not an easy task during a pandemic.

“Some of the things we still had to struggle with was figuring out how do we move forward? How do we keep the excitement around GR Noir in the midst of COVID,” said Shatawn Brigham. “We won’t force the doors open if it’s not safe.”

They also want to put a focus on Black culture through music.

“(It’s) really creating a space for us to celebrate our ancestors who brought jazz to the world and totally revolutionized music. So we’re really excited about that,” said Nadia Brigham.

“We anticipate having a lot of fun and just learning and growing around wine and jazz with the community,” said Shatawn Brigham.

There is no set opening date yet for GRNoir, but the Brighams say they will post updates on their Facebook page. They’re also hiring for servers and say those interested can email them at