GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) — If you’ve ever walked through the skywalk system in downtown Grand Rapids and gotten lost, you aren’t alone.

It’s why city leaders are making some improvements to help you get around more easily.

“Our city has a current wayfinding system which is about 20 years old. That’s pretty old considering all the development and all the things that’s happened in downtown,” Director of Operations at Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. Melvin Eledge said. “It’s just time for us to take a look at that system and update it and bring it in some ways to the 21st century.”

In recent weeks, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. has updated the signs in various locations in the skywalk. The organization got feedback from the community, which thought navigating the skywalk was confusing.

“If you’re coming into downtown and you’re on the street level, you may not know that the skywalk exists,” Eledge said. “Additionally, there’s confusion if you’re in the skywalk, how to get out of it if you’re not trying to go to either of the endpoints, and where does it bring you out onto the street in relation to where you are in the skywalk.”

Within the next two months, DGRI will make more interior upgrades with more signage and maps. This is just a small part of the organization’s larger plan to add signage to street locations.

“Part of our scope of work is to take the update of the on-street wayfinding and the skywalk wayfinding that we’ve added and actually marry the two together so that they are designed similarly and sort of talk to each other,” he said.

DGRI is accepting bids for the on-street signage and hopes to roll that out sometime next year. It’s also planning to add signage on parking ramps.

“Anything we can do to make downtown more welcoming and pedestrian friendly. Those are generally viewed Really good cities for people to live in, to work in, to come visit,” Eledge said.