GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Kiss your reading glasses goodbye: That’s the idea behind a new eye drop recently approved by the FDA. The drops promise to correct farsightedness, allowing you to see up close clearly. 

The drops are called Vuity. They were studied and found to start clearing up vision within 15 minutes, lasting five to six hours. 

“It’s groundbreaking and this is only the first in a series of drops that we expect to come out in the next couple of years,” said Dr. Michael Keil. “Right now, currently today, the only solution for a person who just needs readers is readers, and that’s been that way forever.”

He explains that once you are in your mid 40’s you begin to experience dysfunctional lenses syndrome. The lens gets less flexible over time, making it harder to see things up close. These drops soften the lens so that you can see again.

Potential patient Jack Bush is excited to try them.

“These drops — if they work the way they say they will — hey that’s heaven sent,” said Bush.

Bush, like many people over 40, was sick of glasses so he started looking for alternatives when he learned about Vuity.

The FDA gave the green light at the end of October. It’s the first eye drop approved to treat age-related blurry vision for things up close.

“For me, I can get up under the hood of a car again, I can get up under the dash and see things up close again,” said Bush, a car enthusiast. “I love cars, old cars muscle cars, all that stuff.”

Recently it’s become harder to work on cars. Bush is hoping these drops can restore his ability to fix the old gems he finds.

“If I could get back into doing that kind of stuff … the way I used to do it and see things the way I used to see it, I’ll get right back into it again,” Bush said. “I’m jonesing, I’m excited. I can’t wait to be able to see the way I used to see.”

The drops are expected to be available in West Michigan next month. You will need a prescription. The cost will depend on the pharmacy but should be under $100.

There are some risks: The most common are headache, impaired night vision and red eyes.