GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Network 180 and Trinity Health Grand Rapids held a wall-breaking ceremony Monday as renovations begin on West Michigan’s Behavioral Health Crisis Center.

The 16-bed crisis stabilization unit and brief intervention service center is expected to be open to the public next year. Federal, state, local and private funding contributed to what health experts say is the next step in the fight against and de-stigmatizing mental health issues.

“The emergency departments within this city, often the criminal justice system are often the places where folks seek care for mental health service or are the recipients of issues that have come about because of the mental health crisis,” Dr. Matt Biersack, president of Trinity Health Grand Rapids, said.

In addition to the center, a drop-off bay for police and EMS responders will expedite law enforcement’s part in safely transporting those who may be struggling mentally.

“What happens on the street, unfortunately, what we see as police is day after day we’re responding to incidents with the same individuals over and over,” GRPD Chief Eric Winstrom said. “It really adds a level of efficiency and better outcomes for these individuals who are in need of treatment.”

The stabilization center will provide immediate crisis care for individuals for up to 72 hours regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance.