GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A new art gallery and art education center will open its first storefront in Grand Rapids’ Uptown district early next year.

Cultivate already runs the art program for East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department. The art directive also did all of the education and community programming for ArtPrize this year.

“We offer a wide range of fine arts-based intro-level courses ranging from painting, drawing, fiber, weaving, sculpture, comic book (drawing), all sorts of stuff for both kids and adults,” Claudia Pamentel, Cultivate’s director of education, said.

Cultivate plans to hold its soft opening at 620 Wealthy St. SE, west of Eastern Avenue, on Jan. 6. Once the studio and gallery are open to the public, the group will also provide an artist resource center that will connect local artist with businesses in town.

“We hope to show everyone that they are artistic and can be an artist,” said Kae Person, director of exhibitions for Cultivate, “by giving them the value of putting them on white walls.:

Exhibits will rotate and focus both local artists and world-renowned talent.