GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A new app linking businesses with customers using a personality quiz is launching in Grand Rapids. It’s called Kikcit, an interactive app that matches users with personalized recommendations to engage with local venues.

People will take a 10-question quiz designed to find businesses in Grand Rapids that match their results. Twenty local businesses are already signed up to test the Kikcit app.

“What Kikcit does for the businesses is it creates awareness, it creates foot traffic, it creates retention. And it will actually lower your customer acquisition cost. Those are things that can help a business stay afloat and also help them scale,” Kikcit Founder Ricardo A. O’Neal II said.

The goal is to help customers and businesses link up and stay connected.

“Users that struggle with finding the right places and right crowds to vibe with will benefit from our social app that personalizes, recommends and rewards users for their daily interactions at local businesses and live venues. If you’re a local business in any of these categories: food, beverage, wellness, education, joy, leisure, arts and entertainment and you need help getting customers through the door, we’d love for you to sign up and see how Kikcit can add value to your brand,” O’Neal said. 

Customers using the app can also receive points for their usage. 

Businesses can sign up to test the app on the Kikcit website.

The official launch date for Kikcit’s beta is Nov. 17.