GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you have special mobility needs, there’s a new app available to support you. Its goal is to make the city of Grand Rapids more inclusive. The app isn’t just for people with those challenges, it’s for the entire community.

“If changes need to be made. We need to make changes,” co-founder of the app, Peter Grande, said.

It’s called Go Muve, which stands for “my universal vision for everyone.” Users with different abilities can book rides to places across the Grand Rapids area through the app. It even allows you to tag a location.

This means you can go anywhere in the city. Through the app, you can comment, take pictures and answer questions related to the level of accessibility at that specific location.

Ride Your Way, a transportation service provider in Kent County, is teaming up with the tech company to offer this to residents and visitors in the city.

“There are six to eight questions in the app all related to mobility. Is there handicap parking, curb cut out for individuals in wheelchairs to get into the locations, are bathrooms accessible,” founder of Ride Your Way Tom Sikkema said.

A colored tag will automatically generate based on how you answer those questions. The color represents 100 percent level of accessibility. Orange signifies partial accessibility and red stands for limited to no accessibility.

The goal is to remove barriers that may exist so people with these special mobility needs can know what issues they face at certain locations.

News 8 reached out to the Disability Advocates of Kent County, who welcome the effort.

Michael Williams, community organizer, says not every place is ADA compliant and that when people plan and build, they must work toward universal designs inclusive of children and adults with diverse abilities.

The group says this isn’t a way to shame businesses but rather an opportunity to shine a light on how to make improvements.

“We have to understand that there are little tweaks and things that need to happen in certain communities, but without people participating and giving feedback, it’s hard to do that,” Grande said.

The app’s co-founder says there is a way for the community to join in and do just that.

There’s an event happening on Aug. 4 at Rosa Parks Circle where a group will gather to walk around the city to assess some areas of need.

They’ll meet up at 5 p.m. It’s expected to last an hour. The app “Go Muve” is free to download in your Apple or Android app store.

“If this is going to work, it needs to be a large turnout,” Williams said.