GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — On Mother’s Day weekend, one medical expert is shining a light on struggles new moms may face.

The arrival of a new baby can bring many stressful challenges into a woman’s life. The Centers for Disease Control said one in eight new mothers experience postpartum depression.

Dr. Marth Walsh, the senior medical director and associate chief medical officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, said isolation and loneliness among new mothers are key factors in the causes of postpartum depression. 

Some of the symptoms include feeling restless or moody, and feeling sad, hopeless, or overwhelmed.

She also said postpartum depression often goes hand in hand with postpartum anxiety, which could bring symptoms of staying up all night for fear of the baby suddenly stopping breathing and being unable to leave the baby along for a few minutes.

Dr. Walsh said it’s important for women experiencing depression or anxiety seek help from their health care provider.