GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The mother of a gunshot victim credits the heroic actions of two Grand Rapids police officers with saving her son’s life.

Kwasha Mayhue said her son, Kuwuann Mayhue, was rushed to the hospital in a police cruiser after he was one of four people shot downtown on July 17. 

Police body camera video of the incident was released by the Grand Rapids Police Department Monday, spotlighting “the bravery and selflessness“ of the two officers. 

“Last night was actually the first time I got the chance to watch it and it tore me up,” Kwasha Mayhue said. 

The video also gave her an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the officers for their heroic actions. 

Instead of waiting for an ambulance, the officers rushed Kuwuann Mayhue to the hospital in their police cruiser. 

“To see those officers the way they were … (and) hear the gunshots and everything and the way they ran over there risking their own life to save my son, I just want to say ‘thank you’ to them,” she said. 

WARNING: The below video may be considered graphic to some viewers. 

She said because of the officers, Kuwaunn Mayhue’s two young kids still have their father. 

Her son, 23, was one of four people hit in the shooting. All four people survived. 

Kuwuann Mayhue’s injuries are extensive, including a fractured face and the loss of one eye. His mom said he underwent brain surgery following the shooting. 

He was transferred to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital over the weekend. 

“He’s getting better every day, he sounds better every day,” Mayhue said. 

No arrests have been made in the shooting. 

Mayhue said she doesn’t know what led up to the gunfire, but urges anyone with information about what happened to come forward. 

“I just want the gun violence to stop,” she said. “It needs to stop.”

Above all, she said her gratitude will forever be with her heroes in blue. 

“I really, really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Because of them, my son is here,” she said. 

A GoFundMe has been set up for Kuwuann Mayhue and his family.