GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The holidays can be a difficult time for older members of the community who may not have family to celebrate with.

That’s why Michigan Veteran Homes has come up with a new way to way help enrich the holidays for veterans.

The organization has published a wish list for its veteran members ahead of the holiday season.

The homes in Grand Rapids, Chesterfield Township and Marquette are looking for donations of items like seasonal clothing, personal care items and portable CD players.

They are also looking for monetary donations to the ‘life enrichment’ portion of the holiday wish list, which can contribute to community outings for the veterans.

“The engagement from the community during the holidays is the difference between the holiday spirit being alive and well or just kind of an average every day,” said Tiffany Carr, the community engagement coordinator for Michigan Veteran Homes. “…Through the community support, we’re really able to help those veterans.”

Lee Walton, the member council president, said the veterans appreciate the services Michigan Veteran Homes provides.

“They take us out different places like the Air Zoo, the Gilmore Car collection, the museum here in Grand Rapids, Meijer gardens,” Walton said. “So it’s really enjoyable and we appreciate it a lot when we do get to go.”

You can go to to find the updated wish list throughout the holidays. Michigan Veteran Homes also accepts donations throughout the entire year.