GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Mary Free Bed’s power soccer team is fundraising to replace its power chairs with new ones.

The team, Overdrive, and West Michigan nonprofit Lori’s Voice are launching a fundraising challenge to raise funds to replace its current 20-year-old chairs. The chairs help give the gift of mobility to athletes with disabilities.

Jeovani Pantoja, the sports coordinator with Mary Free Bed, said the new chairs are needed to keep things rolling.

“These chairs have helped us grow the program, but they are about 20 years old,” Pantoja said. “Imagine driving a 20-year-old car, things are going to break down. We need to update them, we need to … get new ones.”

Lori’s Voice has committed to purchasing two new chairs, and donors have agreed to match the first $5,000 raised.

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