GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Grand Rapids man who has gone through two strokes and a kidney transplant is asking for your help after losing his emotional support dog outside a grocery store.

During the same week in 2016, Grand Rapids resident Reuben Ray had two strokes and a kidney failure.

“It was too much actually, you know,” Ray told News 8 on Thursday. “I was breaking down. And that’s why the doctor was like, ‘Maybe you should consider this. It’ll help you get through it.’ And it did.”

His doctor suggested getting an emotional support dog.

“My doctor said, ‘It’ll lower your blood pressure, it’ll calm you down, it’ll be good all the way around,’” Ray said. “And it was.”

So Ray brought home a little Chihuahua, naming him D-O-G, O-G for short.

“He’s always there,” Ray said. “Just cheers me up. Keeps me in a good mood because sometimes dialysis and kidney failure would get you down. And he saw me through all those years of being on dialysis.”

He’s kept Ray company in assisted living in downtown Grand Rapids. This May, after more than six years of waiting for a donor, Reuben finally got a new kidney.

“I can’t even describe it,” Ray said. “It’s like getting a whole another chance at life.”

On a Sunday afternoon, Oct. 23, Ray brought his dog along grocery shopping at Ralph’s on Leonard Street.

“He sleeps with me,” Ray said. “He sits with me. He’s always two feet away from me. It’s why I take him in the car because he doesn’t want to stay at home. He always wants to go where I’m going.”

When Ray went inside the store to shop, he left his dog in the car with the window cracked open. He also left the car unlocked.

“It was unlocked because if I don’t grab the key, sometime I don’t, and he’ll lock the door. He’ll step on the lock pad and lock himself in, and I can’t even get him and get him. Usually, I’ll either take the key or leave it unlocked.”

When Ray came back an hour later, his dog was gone.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘I didn’t bring him, he’s at home,’” he said. “Even though I knew I did bring him. I kept saying to myself, ‘Just go home and he’ll be there.’ So I went home, and of course he wasn’t there.”

He’s checked with Ralph’s, called local shelters and pet finders, but he hasn’t found his dog yet.

“The dog’s just good company,” Ray said. “He keeps my spirits up. And somebody good to have around. It’s kinda why without him it’s just not the same.”

His friend has been posting about it on Facebook and getting hundreds of shares.

“I think I would’ve rather lost him in Grand Rapids than any other city,” Ray said. “Because I think here people would at least try to help me find him more so than another city.”

The dog is six years old, weighs about six pounds and has a little gray spot on his nose.

His collar reads “OG.” He’s also chipped.

“So if they scan him it’ll come up to me and everything,” Ray said. “He has a black collar on. And then he has another collar that says, ‘dog license, Kent County.’”

“I would be in someone’s debt forever and thankful for that if they could make that happen for me,” Ray said.

Ray said even if he sees his dog from afar, he’d know it’s him.

“And he’d probably come running to me so he knows my voice,” Ray said.

Ray is holding out hope they’ll be reunited.

“I don’t think another dog would take his place,” Ray said. “I don’t even think I could get another dog anymore if I can’t find him.”

If you’ve spotted the dog or have any information, you’re asked to call or text 616.490.6838.