GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — While COVID-19 cases are dropping and restrictions are following, the impact that the pandemic has had on our mental health is still being felt.

Thursday marked the first ever Mental Health Action Day, designed to encourage people to pay attention to their mental health.

Christy Buck, executive director of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan, says taking action about our own mental health is something everyone should do on a daily basis. That doesn’t necessarily mean seeing a therapist or medication — it can be meditation, yoga, sleeping or seeing friends.

“Those are building resiliency amongst yourself. We can work on those everyday,” Buck said. “Eating right, getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for your mental health.”

Buck added that as you go back to work or other activities, keep an eye on your co-workers and friends. If you notice they’re not doing things they love to do, ask them how they’re feeling and offer support.

“When someone’s behavior — how their thoughts, actions and feelings are — have changed for two weeks or longer, it’s important that I reach out, and start the conversation with someone that I’m concerned about,” she said.

If someone is looking for help, it’s out there: Go to for more resources.