GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Lindsey Garcia goes by the stage name LVNDR, pronounced lavender, and is from Lowell.

“The stage name LVNDR comes from my love for the scent lavender because it brings me a sense of calmness and makes me feel Zen and it’s a good pre-show ritual for me. It helps me separate my personal life from my music career. In doing that, it allows me to connect with my fans on a deeper level and be more vulnerable with them.”

LVNDR won the WOTV Idol contest in 2019 and an American Idol Silver Ticket.

“That was my first ever win … that right there was very pivotal in my music career because I saw I have potential and I was like, you know I got to start taking this seriously … I tell everyone, every day, WOTV is what got me to this point because I believed in myself a lot more after that point,” said LVNDR.

As far as her recent success on The Voice, she said she has learned so much and made a lot of new friends.

“It’s very surreal. In some ways, it doesn’t feel like it really happened. So good thing it’s on TV to know it really happened and it wasn’t a dream,” LVNDR joked.

She said there is a lot of prep work that happens behind the scenes — things viewers of the show will never see.

“The whole experience you’re just learning to be a better performer. They have people working with you on your voice lessons. They have people making sure you look comfortable on stage … For me, a big thing was keeping my eyes open when I’m singing. Just those little things to help me going forward and being the performer that I want to be is so huge and so priceless for me.”

Viewers of The Voice saw LVNDR perform only about 10 seconds of the song “Hotline Bling” before two judges, Niall Horan and John Legend, turned their chairs around. She then had to choose which superstar’s team she would join.

“Going into it, I figured I wanted Niall. John, he made a good argument. He almost had me. But my heart had to go with Niall because his style of music is something I can see myself doing,” she said.

LVNDR said she was a shy child and hid her talent for years. She taught herself to play guitar by watching YouTube videos.

“Until I was 16 years old, I had never let anyone know I could sing. My own parents had no idea. I kept myself hidden in my room with my older sister’s guitar teaching myself,” she said.

LVNDR has recorded several episodes of The Voice but can’t reveal how the contest ends. Blind auditions are almost over. The next round is the battle round where contestants sing a song with a team member and after that is the knockout round.

“You guys are going to have to stayed tuned and see what happens.”

LVNDR hopes West Michigan fans will keep in touch with her on social media.