GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Friends and family of Breonna Taylor, the 26 year old who was shot and killed by police at her Louisville apartment in March, gathered for a car parade Sunday.

Taylor’s case has garnered national attention as several protests have erupted across the nation in her name. Family of the Grand Rapids native say it’s time to bring the officers allegedly involved to justice.

“Each day is different. I try to deal with it one day at a time and no day is easier than the day before, but what can I do? I do what I have to, to get the justice that she needs,” said Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer who attended Sunday’s event.

What happened the night Breonna Taylor was killed remains a murky point of contention. Some say the officers never identified themselves before charging in.

Taylor’s boyfriend says he made a 911 call and believed their home was being broken into prompting him to shoot at police.

Police returned fire. Attorney’s for the Taylor family say she was hit at least 8 times.

Police say they did announce their presence despite having the no-knock warrant, meaning they didn’t have to, before using the battering ram to force entry and immediately taking on gunfire.

Taylor’s family says they want the LMPD officers held responsible.

“She was a jewel to us. She was precious. She wasn’t just an ordinary person in our family. We want to make sure everybody knows her name because what happened to her was wrong,” said organizer and cousin of the victim Damian Smith.

The parade started at Mackay-Jaycees park. The group took off around 5:30 p.m. Several drivers who participated in the car parade were later a part of an impromptu protest in downtown Grand Rapids.

Taylor’s family says events like this are important to keep her name alive. They say it also keeps pressure on Kentucky officials to fire and charge all of the officers involved.

“To know her and know what we’ve lost is why it’s so hard for us because she made us all better,” said the victims mother. “She was full of life. She loved life. She had so much respect and she would help any and everybody. If this was somebody else, she would be out here fighting the good fight. The way that they tried to portray her in the beginning was just never who she was.”

Taylor’s family says with every passing day, it gets more and more frustrating to see justice has still not been served.

“I would’ve never imagined myself in this situation. To know Breonna, you would’ve never thought she would be in this situation,” Palmer said.

The officer who allegedly killed Taylor is fighting his termination. Police said they fired him because he “blindly fired 10 rounds” into the home.

The FBI is investigating and Taylor’s loved ones say they plan to keep fighting until charges are filed.