GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The two civil lawsuits against the West Michigan man who pretended to be a teen girl online to entice sexual predators have been settled.

The terms of the settlements are protected by a confidentiality agreement, however, a statement from Zach Sweers’ attorney said that “no money was paid by any Defendant(s) to settle the claims.”

Sweers was sued by Zachary Snoeyink and Alastaire Kolk, who featured in videos Sweers posted online in which he claimed they were sexual predators. They claimed defamation and said Sweers invaded their privacy. Sweers started a GoFundMe account to raise money to hire a lawyer.

“Sweers … vigorously defended the claims and (was) prepared to file motions to dismiss the lawsuit,” the statement from Sweer’s attorney Joel Baar’s statement. “The parties agree that society would be better served if the unused funds generated by Sweers’ Go Fund Me Page were donated to a charity that benefits victims of sexual abuse. As such, a donation will be made to the Children’s Assessment Center and the YWCA.”

Attorney Ross Plont, who represents Snoeyink and Kolk, said on Wednesday that he could not comment on the agreements other than to say the matters were settled.

Sweers pretended to be a teen girl online with the goal of catching predators’ attention. He would arrange meetings with men at which he claimed they expected to have sex with a teen girl. He would then confront them on camera and post the videos on his YouTube channel, Anxiety War.

Snoeyink was among seven men who were charged criminally after Sweers turned over the videos and records of his online conversations to Grand Rapids police. Snoeyink’s defense attorney is trying to have the email transcripts that Sweers gave police thrown out as evidence, saying they may have been edited and aren’t reliable.

Kolk was not charged.

Authorities have told Sweers to stop trying to lure online predators because it is dangerous and said they won’t prosecute any more cases based on information he gives them.

All of the video confrontations have been removed from Sweers’ YouTube channel.