GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — While it certainly didn’t feel like spring Monday, it is prime season for some spring cleaning.

The Kent County Department of Public works has created a spring cleaning guide to help residents get a good idea of which items they should dispose of or recycle while cleaning their house.

Katelyn Kikstra, the county’s resource recovery specialist, said items like cartons, cans and various kinds of plastic should definitely go in your recycling bin. She said it is very important to avoid putting certain other items in the landfill, such as scrap metal and electronics.

“I think a lot of folks really have good intentions about putting metal items in their recycling bin, but the only thing that you can put in your recycling bin that’s metal should be metal foil, cans, aluminum trays. You do not want the odds and ends metal, like tools or garden implements, or we had a lawnmower blade, come through,” said Kikstra. “Those can really damage our equipment, chop conveyer belts right in half, as well as hurt a sort-line worker.”

She said people can bring those types of metal to one of the main facilities like North Kent Facility or South Kent Facility. You can also bring it to your local scrap metal recycler to get money for it.

The Kent County Department of Public Works has its full recycling guide online, including suggestions for where you can properly dispose of a wide variety of items.