GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Officials with the John Ball Zoo say one of its female wallabies has died.

According to a member email, Ygritte died following complications from a procedure to pull two abnormal teeth.

“Losses like this are always difficult, but our focus is now on the care of her growing joey, who is doing very well,” the email said.

An undated courtesy photo of Ygritte the wallaby. (Courtesy John Ball Zoo)

Ygritte gave birth to two joeys last year: Junee in February and Jackie in October. Jackie is still in the process of becoming independent and still quite reliant on her mother.

“A small team of dedicated animal care staff have been caring for sweet little Jackie, who needs to be bottle-fed every three hours (including overnight),” the email stated. “We have provided her a soft, fabric bag to sleep in that mimics mom’s pouch – which is where she feels the safest.”

Zoo officials say Jackie will not be on display for the time being to be closely monitored. They hope she can enjoy the rest of the “wallaby mob” this fall.