Is smartphone addiction giving you a bad attitude?

Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Are your cellphone habits giving you a bad attitude?

Behavior expert Greg Hanna explores this question in his book “You Can Conquer Your Bad Attitude.”

“One of the biggest forces in determining your attitude can be your relationship with or addiction to your smartphone,” Hanna said.

Hanna says some cellphone habits can adversely affect our attitudes, which can impact our overall well-being.

“People sit there and keep pressing refresh, even when there is no email coming in. They just can’t help themselves,” Hanna said. “It’s driving them crazy and makes them nervous.”

To determine if you’re addicted to your cellphone, Hanna suggests people ask themselves these questions:

  • Do you get upset when people don’t answer your call?
  • Do you get nervous from frequent or constant checking email?
  • Do you get anxiety when someone doesn’t immediately reply to your text?
  • Do you negatively compare yourself to others while surfing social media?
  • Do you look through contacts/pictures and remember bad experiences?
  • Do you actively dread receiving a text/email/call from difficult people?
  • Do you have smartphone envy? If you had the latest/greatest phone your life would be better?
  • Have you embarrassed yourself or lost a relationship with drunk dialing/texting?
  • Do you torment yourself trying to take a “perfect” selfie?

Hanna says answering yes to three or more of these questions could indicate smartphone dependence. 

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