GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — InterAct of Michigan, an organization that has provided treatments for mental health and substance use disorders in West Michigan for 30 years, will be closing its offices around Oct. 1.

The private, nonprofit organization has helped thousands of people annually with its programs in both Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. InterAct said a decrease in government funding and having to limit its services due to COVID-19 has led to it closing and transitioning to other providers.

The Grand Rapids location will transition its services to Network180 and other organizations, while programs at the Kalamazoo location will be switching to Integrated Services of Kalamazoo.

“It’s very unfortunate that it has come to this,” Jeff Patton, chief executive officer of Integrated Services of Kalamazoo, said. “It has been very difficult for providers to generate the kinds of revenues that’s necessary to sustain operation.”

The change will not impact treatment for clients and InterAct staff will be able to apply for positions at Network180 and Integrated Services of Kalamazoo.

At least 25 InterAct staff members will be working at the Kalamazoo location under a new name. Patton says operations will continue out of the leased building on Burdick Street.

“We’re making sure those services continue, but they will continue under our direct operations,” Patton said.

Many InterAct employees have accepted positions with Network180 in Grand Rapids. Network180 said it’s working on leasing the current InterAct building on Ionia Avenue.

“InterAct has appreciated working collaboratively with Network 180, Integrated Services of Kalamazoo, and others in serving West Michigan communities. Our mission has driven us for over 30 years. In fulfilling that mission, it is in the best interest of the people we serve to transition our programs at this time.” Travis Swieringa, chief executive officer of InterAct of Michigan, said in a statement.