GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — During Mental Health Awareness Month, one health expert is reminding people that even big positive events may bring extra stress and emotions.

While events like graduations, weddings, retirement, job change or a move can be exciting, they also carry stress.

“Stress still manifests in our brain the same, whether it’s a positive or a challenging stressor,” said Val Laster, a care manager from Priority Health. “What we might see is the impact is going to be that we have those same reactions like stress can bring on like sadness or disengagement or overwhelmed-ness.”

These are normal feelings but Laster says to make sure to look for structure and connection.

“Even if its just a show or a song or an album that you enjoy, or a favorite meal. Those kinds of things are going to bring us back to kind of ourselves, even with facing that change. We’re also going to try to connect with people who get it,” Laster said.

She suggests being mindful and flexible with yourself.

Services at Priority Health are available to help for people, even if they aren’t members. Laster suggested calling Priority Health at 1.800.673.8043 to get help if needed and using an online tool called myStrength.