GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids police are investigating after multiple vehicles were stolen from a parking garage at Corewell Health Butterworth Hospital.

According to GRPD, a juvenile has been arrested in connection with the Sept. 20 incident. However, police say they are still investigating.

Victoria Garza, an employee at Butterworth, told News 8 she was wrapping up her usual 14-hour shift — but when she arrived where she had parked her car, a 2021 red Kia Sportage, it was nowhere to be found.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” she said. “My wallet was in the car. I don’t normally leave my wallet in there, but that day I had been running late. … We have security at work. There’s cameras, there’s gated things that go up and down, I really didn’t think nothing of it.”

Garza provided this photo of her car, which she said was stolen Sept. 20, 2023.

GRPD said it believes a total of three cars were stolen that night: the car the thieves arrived in, which they left behind, as well as two stolen from the parking structure. Of those two cars, the thieves crashed one as they tried to get away.

Police also confirmed that a juvenile, whom they believe is responsible, was arrested the day after, on Sept. 21.

As for Garza, she said she’s frustrated and overwhelmed.

“I have kids,” she said. “I am a single parent. Yes, luckily their dad helps out where he can, but … you shouldn’t be out here doing this. People work hard for their stuff. We’re already going through enough hard enough times as it is.”

News 8 also reached out to Corewell Health Butterworth Hospital. In a statement, the hospital said: “The safety and security of our patients and team members is of utmost importance. We are working with the police on their investigation.”

Garza said she has reached out to the hospital supervisor but isn’t getting any answers.

“Nobody is on the same page,” she said. “Stories are different. He doesn’t even know what’s going on, he’s saying he works on day shift and because this happened on a night shift, they don’t have any type of info on anything.”

Garza’s family has set up a GoFundMe for her.