GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Grand Rapids waitress put her nursing degree to good use last Wednesday after she noticed one of her customers had stopped breathing.

Audrey Laminan, who has worked at HopCat in downtown Grand Rapids for just over a year, said last Wednesday was slower than usual and she was training a new worker when they noticed a female patron acting a bit strange.

“She was just nodding off, leaning over. We thought ‘something is not right,’ and we were wondering if she was okay,” she said.

But by the time Laminan returned from alerting her manager to the strange behavior, she found the customer not breathing and slumped over in a booth.

“So I climbed into the booth, she was purple. So I checked her pulse, and she didn’t have a pulse,” she said. “Another customer came over, and he was giving rescue breaths while I gave compressions.”

Laminan said she’s been certified in CPR three times during her time at GVSU. And while she had seen patients before coding during her time in the clinic, this was the first time she had to give compressions herself.

“This is every day for a lot of nurses and techs and a lot of people,” she said. “I was just doing what I could, I guess.”

News 8 was told that the female patient in question reached out to HopCat Monday to thank them for their help.