GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Holland native will debut his show, Jurassic World Live, to West Michigan this weekend.

Steve Jarczak is one of the two writers of the live-action show. He told News 8 that it took them about two years to write the show and get approval from several big Hollywood names, including Steven Spielberg himself.

“It was so amazing because as a kid, 13 years old, seeing Jurassic Park in the Holland 7 theater and to think that all of these years later, we would be consulting with Steven Spielberg on a new story for the Jurassic franchise. It was like a dream come true,” Jarczak said.

While the show premiered in 2019, its tour was delayed due to COVID-19.

“The dinosaurs were socially distant, and the T-rex had trouble putting on the mask with those little arms, but it’s great that we finally relaunched last fall, and the show finally made its way to Grand Rapids. I’m so excited for the community to finally see it,” he said.

Jarczak said as a little boy he always dreamt of making it in Hollywood, but the actual thought of moving to Los Angeles was as far out there as landing on the moon. But after he graduated from the University of Michigan, he made the move out west and slowly produced and wrote several shows.

“We actually introduced a new dinosaur into the franchise, which is called a Troodon,” he said. They are, “actually the most intelligent dinosaurs, even more intelligent than Velociraptors… We got to write an original story with all new characters set in that world. And so we, my writer and I, refer to it as the Rouge 1 of Jurassic World Universe.”

The live-action show is full of family-friendly freights and delights. There are six shows scheduled to run throughout the weekend in West Michigan.